We design & build swimming pools for:


Residential I Commercial I Hospitality Sectors


Considering renovating or remodelling your pool or spa? Spool & Water Bodies is the best swimming pool construction company in Sub-Saharan Africa. If you’re looking for a marble or plaster refinish or a complete overhaul we’ve got you covered.


You will be given a design brief and our experts will give you many options to improve the look, feel, and efficiency of your existing swimming pool.


Here are just a few of the options we can provide for your new pool, remodel and maintenance:



In-water tables & chairs



Waterfalls, waterarches and water walls



Small ponds, lakes to complement your outdoors.



Marbles, pavers, natural stone, mosaic designs and aggregate interior finishes



Heat pumps, variable speed pumps and LED lighting, GIVE LESS WORK with automatic cleaners, chlorine generators and automated control systems



Overflow Pools

Overflow pools with drainage grates are ever more popular. Marble gives class, glamour, essence and value to your swimming pool and spa.


Skimmer Pools

The term “skimmer pool” takes water from the reservoir for cleaning and disinfection. The skimmer can be found under the top edge of the swimming pool.


3D & Custom Pools

In partnership with Dakis Stones by Egeko designs, 2 different 3D CNC cut wall panels made from the finest Greek white marble (Thassos white and Kavala white), The Basic Series and the Luxury Series that match all the demanding needs of the clients.



Choose from many swimming pool shapes and sizes using our quality materials and finishes. We are most proud to bring to you our EXCLUSIVE POOL COPINGS from CYPRUS.


Overflow Drainage M01. - Flat drain grate, with 8 holes of 6mm each and parallel lines to the length of the grate. The drain grate can have rebates in order to combine with overflow coping stones and support outlanes or special profiles according to the demand of the project. The surface finish is sandblasting with slip resistance ratio R13+.


Stone Type: Vertical Line Series

Sinai Pearl Marble               Royal Beige Marble

Kavala White Marble           Kavala Grey Marble


Pool Brims: It is the first piece nearest to the pool which acts as the pool coping and it has bull nose edge. It serves the dual purpose of protecting the pool structure from the surrounds and also protecting the outside parts of the pool from water damage.


Pool Grid: the second piece  which acts as the  drainage grate with slots for optimal water flow. Resting on the Brim and the Lane, it can be easily lifted for cleaning purposes and easy access to the overflow channel.


Pool Lane: lastly the third piece which connects the Pool Grid with the pool surrounding tiles.


Stone Sizes:

Pool Brims (30x50x3cm)

Pool Grids (25x50x3cm)

Pool Lanes (12x50x3cm)



Adding  a water feature to your swimming pool or as a standalone feature is a contemporary choice to opt  for  today. From water shows, rain walls to water walls we will go beyond your expectations.


We also do  Civil Dry Works to embellish any public parks that elevate the tourist attraction of key city areas


Thanks  to our partners - SAFERAIN we are the best suppliers of water fountain features and can supply everything to complete your project in no more than 21days after your payment has been made.


Visit our products page to view our fountain equipments and accessories.



Complementary to your swimming pools, water fountains or small ponds construction is the surrounding outdoor area. We offer bespoke landscaping design & layout, plant treatment using the best materials and finishes. Our materials include pavers, modular blocks, natural wood, natural stones and treated plants to give your outdoor spaces a getaway look.




Although a fairly new service we offer, we are constantly growing to serve our clients better with an expertise we have honed over the years. Our hardscaping installations uses beautiful layouts and unique single or combination tiling that creates an indoor look for your outdoor spaces without the roof ofcourse!


Call us now: 0809 765 9223



Whether repairing leakages or adding water proof features to your swimming pool or spa installations we offer the best waterproofing you can rely on.  With our reputation built on guaranteed quality workmanship & service, the only thing you have to loose is your water problem. We are very particular about the watertight integrity of your building. Our waterproofing services are:

  • Concrete Restoration
  • Cementitious Waterproofing
  • Construction Joints & Detailing
  • Moisture Vapour Mitigations, Underlayments & Toppings

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